minimizing waste at the office
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Minimizing Waste at the Office

An environmentally sound and clutter-free office is within your reach with these tipsminimizing waste at the office

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Reduce Your Packaging Waste

Consider buying new materials and products for the office with less packaging

Ask your vendors if they can take back the packaging on what they deliver

Design your own products to have minimal and more recyclable packaging

Decrease Waste from Staff Lunches

Ask staff to be more mindful about the waste that they bring in from lunches

Give staff space and a sink for reusable cups, plates and cutlery in the office

Encourage staff to order in from places that use less waste to transport food

Try Waste-Diversion Programs

Add a recycling program to your building with ample bins in every office

Add a composting program for the kitchen to divert food from the landfill

Allow employees to take home objects to reuse instead of throwing them out

Curb Waste from Your Equipment

Find local businesses that allow you to donate or refill old printer cartridges

When choosing new equipment, prioritize repairable, less wasteful models

Sell, donate or recycle older equipment instead of sending it to the landfill

Reduce Waste Outside Your Building

Choose native plants for landscaping that don’t require much as much water

Turn your building’s compost into soil for your landscape and avoid fertilizer

Offer multiple recycling bins outside of your building for customer and staff

Eliminate Paper Waste

Digitize all files, forms and as much of your business’ paperwork as possible

Reduce report sizes, print on both side of the paper and use lightweight paper

Email and text customers’ forms instead of printing paper whenever possible