Whether your company is relocating, downsizing or closing we understand the intricate details of the exiting process. We will work with you to create a cohesive exit plan that fits your business needs. Our team of experts can assist you with determining a timeline, cost, manage logistical coordination, decommissioning, and restoring your office to its pre-leased condition. Whether you need to liquidate several floors or several buildings, Green Junk Removal will provide a smooth and cost effective experience for your organization..

If your office furniture has value, we’ll tell you. If it doesn’t, we’ll offer you some low cost alternatives such as charitable organization donation, recycling options and hourly rates for junk removal if necessary. Every project is unique. However, we take pride in making sure that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly.

We offer Office Furniture Liquidation that solves the problem of excess office furniture inventory. Our team of professional liquidators has over 40 years experience in the office furniture liquidation.

It takes time for used office furniture to be evaluated, disassembled and removed. If you are planning a move; include furniture liquidation in the estimated timeline.

It is not necessary for you to provide a detailed inventory of your assets. Photos, however, are helpful when the liquidator is discussing the project’s scope with you.

As a furniture liquidator we understand all the removal details that are involved in a successful liquidation process: How long it will take; The cost; Closely working and coordinating with the building property management to ensure that the office space is cleared out on time prior to the lease expiration.

We start by taking an inventory of your assets and evaluation during a walk through. Our proposal includes the dismantling and moving costs for the removal of your entire inventory including office furniture, cubicles, electronics, business machines, appliances, computers, monitors, Etc. We offer electronic and computer recycling services too.

You need to allow enough time for your furniture to be evaluated, disassembled and removed. One word of caution : To maximize the value of your inventory, you should resist the temptation of “cherry picking” and selling some of your most desired assets on the side. If considering moving your furniture to storage vs. liquidation, you should consider and not overlook the removal costs, transportation, labor, insurance, storage fees, costs for damaged products, and once again the removal cost and transportation to the new location and installation charges. In the majority of cases, liquidation turns out to be a much more cost effective solution. Please contact us at (404) 664-8933 for a free evaluation and price quotation.

Our Liquidation Capabilities:
    • Provide Low-Cost Solutions for your existing office furniture that provide all the necessary tools to fit your company’s need and save you money.
    • Removal of all styles and types of office furniture including cubicles, desk sets, chairs, tables, electronics, appliances, and much more.
    • Our Professional Project Management team will ensure a hassle-free experience by handling all aspects of any size project, no matter how large.
    • We handle all the Logistics involved in providing all the necessary solutions for your liquidation in the time frame you need.
    • We’ll actively manage Office Moves by handling the removal, delivery, installation, transportation, and reassembly of office furniture.

What do you think happens to your old office furniture when your company throws it away? It ends up in a landfill. Join us in our effort to support the environment by providing your company with the opportunity to Go Green by reducing the amount of used furniture ending up in landfills. Thousands of pieces of office furniture that would normally end up in a landfill can be re-purposed for another business to use.



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