Green Junk Removal and Recycling provides Herman Miller Cubicles Removal And Recycling throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia to help you get rid of your unwanted office cubicle whether you are relocating, changing to new cubicle , downsizing, or just closing the business. In these situations often times there will be surplus cubicle and equipment that a company needs to dispose of. We can assist you with all your office cubicle partition needs and can remove anything and everything you need gone from your workspace from cubicle to e-Waste to general trash and debris. We will provide a “Certificate of Insurance” to you and the building Property Management in advance to ensure for smooth operation on the day of your pick up. Our uniformed and professional crew will provide a positive image and experience for you and your clients.

Whenever possible we try to donate your office cubicle and provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt. Since we have partnered with many local charities and thrift stores, there is a fairly good chance that your cubicle will receive a second life. If your office cubicle is in poor shape and cannot be donated, we will recycle whenever possible and consider taking it to a landfill as our very last option.