Commercial Junk Removal in Kennesaw, GA

Fast, Responsible, and Affordable Junk Hauling Services for Businesses Large and Small

our pros are working on a commercial junk removal in Kennesaw, GA

Green Junk Removal is proud to serve our local community of Kennesaw, GA. We provide eco-friendly disposal services and strive to donate or recycle as many of your items as possible. We know you deserve disposal services that get the job done without disrupting the rest of your operations, so we carefully train and coordinate our staff to be considerate, thorough, and fast.

Benefits of Commercial Recycling Services

Why not just have your staff clean out your space themselves? There are plenty of benefits to calling in the professionals. We make things convenient for you, and with our experience and equipment, we can do the job much faster. You don’t miss out on the benefits of handling the junk yourself, either. We send you recycling reports and tax-deductible donation receipts whenever possible.

Office Junk Cleanups and More

We don’t just clean up office spaces. We can handle commercial junk removal in many spaces, including:

  • our team was called to remove these warehouse shelvesWarehouses
  • Retail locations
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping malls
  • Storage facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Restaurant junk hauling
  • Tenant cleanout services
  • Medical center waste removal
  • Municipal and educational campus waste removal
  • Storage trailers
  • And more

You can reach out for our services when you’ve collected some trash in your business property, when you’re cleaning out after a business liquidation, when you’re finishing up a renovation, and in any other circumstance where you have junk.

Business Liquidation

In addition to standard commercial moving and junk removal, we offer liquidation services that can help you get the maximum value possible for your furniture. We can send a specialist to assess each piece of furniture, then provide you with options for selling or disposing of it. We also organize office furniture removal.

We can handle liquidations for small rented offices and storefronts, or entire buildings with multiple floors. Let us coordinate closely with building owners to make sure all your furniture is removed before your lease expires. We handle liquidations with the same professional project management system we use for other cleaning and removal services, so we can get you results on-time and at the lowest cost possible.

Office Cleanouts

Businesses in the Kennesaw area are continually growing and expanding, and sometimes, this means moving into an entirely new building. While this presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to replace equipment and furniture, it also raises the question of what to do with the old and unwanted supplies.

Removal of office furniture doesn’t have to be a chore for you or a hazard for your staff. Our professional team can dispose of office furniture, equipment, electronics, and supplies you no longer need. We take tables, chairs, appliances, credenzas, file cabinets, bookshelves, paper, and files, and much more. We even take a full range of electronics, including antiquated CD, floppy drives, and CRT monitors.

We also do workstation cubicle removal. These walls present unique challenges to move and dispose of because they are heavy and bulky, but our team is more than up to the task. Even if you have a large number of cubicles that need removal, we can collect them within 24 hours.

Commercial Junk Removal Near You

Our Kennesaw commercial junk removal team gives you caring local service with a quick turnaround, whether you need a few rooms cleaned or an entire building. Our full suite of business and office disposal services is provided by a professional and highly trained team that provides world-class service.

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded so we can provide you with service and peace of mind. We’ll even provide tax-deductible donation receipts and recycling reports so you can meet all your business obligations.  Give us a call today.