commercial property junk removal

Junk Removal for Commercial Property Managers

Commercial property management faces many daily logistical challenges, and they can be made worse when tenants leave junk behind. With the pressures of the rental market, property managers need to be able to turn around and re-rent units as soon as possible without any interference with daily operations.

With professional commercial junk removal services, you can focus on managing the rest of your property. Green Junk Removal serves the Atlanta, GA area with reliable and friendly removal of office equipment, furniture, and other items left behind by tenants. We take care of getting your space ready to rent out again as quickly as possible and in accordance with local regulations.

Who Can Use Commercial Junk Removal Services?

We provide junk removal services to a vast range of commercial properties, including:

– Office buildings
– Malls and shopping centers
– Commercial store front
– Storage facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers
– Restaurants and food service

We frequently provide eviction clean-outs and haul away junk left behind by former tenants. It’s common for tenants who go out of business not to bother getting rid of all of their furniture, abandoning it instead. We can clean up after them to get your property looking clean and professional again.

We can also help remove outdated appliances and general junk removal needed to keep your building in top condition. If you’re getting ready to renovate and remodel a part of your building, you can also call us to remove old equipment or furniture that will be replaced afterward.

The laws regarding responsibility for the proper disposal of trash and large items are complicated. Just because something belonged to your tenant or was illegally dumped on your property doesn’t mean you can’t be held liable for it if it ends up causing problems for a tenant or visitor. Let a reputable junk disposal team take care of the problem to avoid potential property management liability issues.

our junk disposal team will help you with proper disposal of trash and large items

What Furniture, Appliances, and Junk are Accepted?

We can handle just about any item left behind in your building or illegally dumped on your property. This includes furniture, cubicles, electronics, construction materials, appliances, office supplies, and more.

We can even take oversized items like sofas, whiteboards, executive desks, conference room tables, cubicles, racking systems, industrial shelving, commercial kitchen equipment, and other things that are difficult to remove safely. Our teams bring the right moving equipment to get large items off your property safely and quickly.

Because of the strict regulations governing the disposal of refrigerators and other appliances, property managers should never haul appliances to the dumpster. Call our junk removal services company for safe and legal junk hauling and disposal.

The same goes for electronics, especially those that contain large circuit boards or CRT tubes. Many electronics can’t be disposed of in a landfill because of their large quantities of lead, cadmium, and other elements. Our experts can sort through which electronics need to be sent to a specialized center for recycling or safe disposal.

Failure to follow these laws can potentially result in large fines from regulatory agencies. Improper disposal of appliances can even contaminate our soil and waterways. Partner with us to make sure the Atlanta metro area stays as clean as possible for generations to come.

disposal of appliances

Protecting Your Investment with the Right Team

Green Junk Removal is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to provide peace of mind and the best customer service possible. We understand the importance of removing junk while being considerate of other tenants and without disrupting your property management operations.

We can provide service to property managers within 24 hours and offer flexibility to meet your needs. We start our process with a no-obligation quote and assessment of your junk. After that, we issue a COI per your requirements for your protection and send in a team with one or more trucks to move everything out.

Some of your junk furniture can likely be donated or sold instead of being sent to a landfill. We send 75% of what we collect from our services to recycling or donation centers, making us a true leader in eco-friendly junk removal services.

We supply tax deductible donation receipts and proof of recycling upon request.

Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in junk removal, so we offer real expertise in addition to our superior customer service for property management companies. Whether you need a quick visit to remove illegal dumping or a more extensive rental clean-out, we can do the job right for up to 30% less than area competitors.

Contact us today at (404) 664-8933 for a free, no-obligation quote to get started.