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As part of the Cherokee territory, the city of Duluth was established in 1919, originally known as “Howell’s Crossing”. In 1871, Howell’s Crossing was renamed “Duluth” after the US Congress funded a north-south railroad that traversed the community.

Today, the City of Duluth is one of the leading corporate headquarters centers in the Atlanta metro area, boasting a thriving and expanding medical sector, specifically in orthopedic care and sports medicine.

Like the rest of the Atlanta area, business is thriving, and more people are moving nearby as they discover our great state of Georgia.

Green Junk Removal is proud to serve the Duluth community. We provide eco-friendly disposal services and strive to donate or recycle as many of your items as possible. We know you deserve disposal services that get the job done without disrupting the rest of your operations, so we carefully train and coordinate our staff to be considerate, thorough, and fast.

Our Promise of Professional Junk Removal Services for Duluth-area Businesses

Duluth solid waste disposal services have strict rules about bulk waste pickup and disposal and are limited in what days their services can operate. They also are unable to assist customers with moving furniture and other bulky items out of the building and to the curb. Small and large businesses face severe logistical challenges in disposing of unwanted items.

We remove bulk waste, including electronics, in an environmentally-friendly way to keep you in compliance with state regulations. Our team can quickly eliminate a wide range of junk by donating, recycling, or disposing of it and do so, without any hidden fees. We do all lifting and loading, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

We can help your business become greener and more eco-friendly with recycling. We recycle or reuse around 75% of the junk we collect and use landfills only as a last resort. We work closely with local charities in Duluth to ensure your furniture, electronics, and more go to a good home.

Most of our service is provided within 24 hours; however, in some cases, we can collect your junk on the same day you call. We are your local Duluth commercial junk removal leaders and look forward to serving you.

Duluth Warehouse and Storage Unit Cleanouts

Warehouses and distribution centers can eventually end up full of unsold goods and equipment that are no longer needed. By contracting with Green Junk Removal, you can make sure that any reusable item is put to good use instead of dumped in a landfill.

Storage units can contain old furniture, clothes, appliances, and other goods that aren’t worth much. We can do all the hard work of removing, sorting, and donating the goods that are salvageable as soon as possible so you can rent out the unit again.

Georgia is notorious for unpredictable stormy weather, and this can lead to damage of items in warehouses or storage units. We offer cleanouts in the aftermath of severe weather like floods and hurricanes. We take care of any damaged furniture and goods, so you can focus on helping your business recover.

Duluth Office Cleanouts

Businesses in the Duluth area are continually growing and expanding, and sometimes, this means moving into an entirely new building. While this presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to replace equipment and furniture, it also raises the question of what to do with the old and unwanted supplies.

Removal of office furniture doesn’t have to be a chore for you or a hazard for your staff. Our professional team can dispose of office furniture, equipment, electronics, and supplies you no longer need. We take tables, chairs, appliances, credenzas, file cabinets, bookshelves, paper, and files, and much more. We even take a full range of electronics, including antiquated CD, floppy drives, and CRT monitors.

We also do workstation cubicles removal. These walls present unique challenges to move and dispose of because they are heavy and bulky, but our team is more than up to the task. Even if you have a large number of cubicles that need removal, we can collect them within 24 hours.

Duluth Business Liquidation

In addition to standard commercial moving and junk removal, we offer liquidation services that can help you get the maximum value possible for your furniture. We can send a specialist to assess each piece of furniture, then provide you with options for selling or disposing of it. We also organize office furniture removal.

We can handle liquidations for small rented offices and storefronts, or entire buildings with multiple floors. Let us coordinate closely with building owners to make sure all your furniture is removed before your lease expires. We handle liquidations with the same professional project management system we use for other cleaning and removal services, so we can get you results on-time and at the lowest cost possible.

Equipment Recycling and Removal

Atlanta-area restaurants tend to thrive, thanks to the growing economy and number of tourists who visit the city and surrounding areas every year. Eventually, restaurants need to either grow into a larger building or upgrade their equipment to serve their customers better.

We offer restaurant equipment removal services so you can open up space for new appliances or prepare to move to a new property. We bring equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks so we can remove your items safely, minimizing hassle to your staff.

Our team can use our specialized knowledge and skills to remove equipment from larger businesses as well. We can do manufacturing equipment removal, including construction equipment and assembly line equipment. Our team also does industrial equipment removal, allowing you to dispose of 55-gallon drums and other bulky items without lifting a finger.

Medical Equipment Recycling

We are proud to offer safe and secure medical equipment recycling. Our professional and highly trained team can work inside your hospital or clinic to remove X-ray, EKG, and lab equipment quickly. We are discreet and quiet, so you can continue to provide care without interruption.

Green Junk Removal truck loads up appliances to recycle

Large Scale Residential Junk Hauling in Duluth

Our team is geared towards larger junk hauling jobs, which means we’re not always the best fit for residential junk hauling in Duluth.

But if you have a lot of junk to haul, you’re still in the right place. Our large scale residential jobs include storage room, garage, and basement clean outs, property cleanouts after tenants move out, and more. If it takes three or more pickup trucks to remove it all, chances are good that we can help.

Give us a call today to learn more, or to schedule your pickup.

Commercial Junk Removal Near You

Our Duluth commercial junk removal team gives you caring local service with a quick turnaround, whether you need a few rooms cleaned or an entire building. Our full suite of business and office disposal services is provided by a professional and highly trained team that provides world-class service.

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded so we can provide you with service and peace of mind. We’ll even provide tax-deductible donation receipts and recycling reports so you can meet all your business obligations.

For the best in Duluth commercial junk removal services, call us at (404) 664-8933 or use our contact form. We offer a no-obligation up-front quote so you can start planning your business’ disposal service today.

Not in Duluth? We also offer commercial junk hauling services in Atlanta, Norcross, Buckhead, and more.