Commercial Junk Removal in Decatur

Professional, reliable and environmentally conscious junk removal in Decatur

our team is working on a commercial junk removal in Decatur

Your customers in Decatur are used to convenience, beauty, and comfort, whether they are enjoying the Brick Store Pub or strolling through Woodlands Garden. Having trash at your business can interfere with their experience, and therefore your business’ success. If you need to get commercial junk removal in Decatur, choose us at Green Junk Removal. We can remove your trash quickly and with minimal impact on the environment, whether you’re remodeling, liquidating a business, or just getting rid of old equipment. Learn more about our services below.

How Professional Junk Removal Helps You

Why not just haul away your trash yourself or with the help of your staff? You may find that the rules for trash disposal in Decatur are complicated, landfill hours are short, and it’s a lot of work to remove the trash. At Green Junk Removal, we have the knowledge, experience, and team to get your junk removal done conveniently.

  • Time: Our efficient team can remove your junk faster. If you’re on a deadline or need your trash removed immediately, our responsive team can help. You don’t need to worry about safety issues either, as we do all of the lifting and moving.
  • Sorting: We take all of your junk to our facility, where it is sorted for recycling, donation and disposal. That means you don’t need to learn which center or facility accepts which kinds of trash; we handle it all for you.
  • Space: What could you do with the space that your trash is currently taking up? You can fit in new equipment, new offices, or more inventory after we’ve cleaned up your junk.
  • Simplicity: We’re open and honest about our fees, and we treat all customers with respect. You’ll find that getting our services is simple from the moment you call us to the moment we drive away with your junk. Expect fair and up-front pricing, uniformed and friendly staff, and expertise.

Commercial Recycling Services

Your office, storage unit, warehouse, or restaurant may have junk that’s no longer useful to you. But that doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful to other people. We go to great lengths to donate and recycle all of the junk that we can and truly make the landfill our last stop. Due to our dedication and connections for donations, we’re able to recycle or donate 70% of what we collect from our clients. When we recycle or donate your trash, we will provide you with tax-deductible donation slips and recycling reports. You can feel good about our services, knowing you’re minimizing your impact on the environment when you use us.

What Can We Remove?

We can handle a lot of large and specialized equipment to serve our commercial customers. Here is just a sampling of some of the trash we can take from your office, warehouse, storage facility, and other locations:

  • our team can remove any type of electronics/e-wasteElectronics/e-waste
  • Monitors and desktops
  • Paper products
  • Cubicle workstations
  • Furniture
  • Filing cabinets and bookshelves
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Appliances
  • Medical equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Racking units
  • Shelving systems
  • Pallets
  • Shipping crates
  • General debris and trash
  • And more

If you need any of these items removed from your business in Decatur, reach out to us today.