Commercial Junk Removal in Chamblee

Removing junk from businesses throughout Chamblee

removing junk from businesses throughout ChambleeBusinesses need to change to keep growing and moving forward. When your business changes, Green Junk Removal is there to remove the junk that’s holding you back. We will make space for your new equipment, office space and inventory. Discover how Green Junk Removal can help you and why you should choose us.

Commercial Junk Hauling

Overtime, every business collects junk. You may have furniture you don’t need, equipment you no longer use, and paper that you no longer need to keep. We can also handle more complicated commercial junk removal, such as recycling medical equipment or cleaning out whole warehouses. Whether your business owns its own property or you lease out commercial space, Green Junk Removal can help you get rid of your trash.

Here are some of the commercial junk removal services that we can help you with:

  • Office junk clean-up: We can clean all kinds of office space and remove everything from e-waste (electronics) to paper products. We offer cubicle workstation removal.
  • Storage unit clear outs: Your business’ storage unit can become a functional space again, or you can stop paying for it altogether after we empty it out.
  • Warehouse clear outs: We have the capacity to take on large commercial trash removal jobs like warehouses.
  • Business liquidation clean outs: Conveniently and quickly clear out an old business to make way for the new.
  • Medical equipment recycling: We can recycle medical equipment that you are no longer using.
  • Restaurant junk hauling: We can handle the wide variety of junk that needs to be removed from closing restaurants.

cubicle removal


Commercial Recycling Services

Chamblee, and Dekalb County as a whole, have regulations around the disposal of some waste that may prevent you from simply throwing your garbage to the curb. Commonly, businesses have electronics, furniture, glass products, paper products and even yard debris that can’t be recycled with your plastic bottles. When you need a quick but environmentally responsible way to get rid of this waste, call Green Junk Removal.


storage cleanout and recycling

We are committed to providing the most sustainable commercial recycling services that we can. This means that we donate all of the items that could get a second life. Then, we focus on recycling everything we can, including paper, plastics, glass and metal. We will sort out your potential donation items and recycling items from the other trash, so you don’t have to worry about it. Roughly 75% of the junk that we collect avoids the landfill, which means you can feel socially responsible when you use our services.


Choose Green Junk Removal

Green Junk Removal is the professional, honest, and responsive junk removal company you need to make your trash disappear. We have a transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees, and we’ll always finalize a quote with you before we get to work. With our junk removal services, you can transform your messy space into one that is ready for business again.

Reach out to us for commercial junk removal in Chamblee.