Atlanta Decommissioning Services

Is an office or facility move and relocation in your near future? While the excitement builds for the new location and you continue to run your business, taking the time to plan the decommissioning of the old space often becomes an afterthought. That is where Atlanta-based Green Junk Removal can help. Our team of seasoned professionals will sit down with you to devise a comprehensive decommissioning plan that fits your business needs and timeframe.

How Can Green Junk Removal Help?

We will start with a walk-through of your office or facility to get familiar with what equipment and structures you currently have in place. This may include furniture, workstations, machinery, conference rooms, and data centers. We will also look for hidden resources, such as cabling and various electronics, that will need to be evaluated.

Your commercial lease will also be an essential source of information as it often lists the requirements for moving out and turning the property back over to the owner or leasing companies. Paying close attention to the listed details in the lease will help ensure you receive your full deposit back.

Creating an asset inventory at the start is also beneficial. Our team can help you identify and determine what needs to transition to the new workspace, which items can be donated, sold, or recycled, and which ones to dispose of completely.

Once the inventory is created, we’ll take care of the rest, creating a full project plan and timeline. We’ll also incorporate ways to go green, helping the environment by keeping as much as possible out of the local landfills by donating or recycling your items.

Create an Atlanta Decommissioning Services Plan with Green Junk Removal

Most decommission plans will need to include a variety of factors. Our experts will disassemble and pack up your business furniture and equipment, from desks to cubicles, workstations to IT equipment, starting with the most obvious. We will take considerable time to address any data or other IT cabling put in place during your tenure in the location as well. Special attention will also be given to your data center, assuring the least possibility of you suffering any business disruption.

The goal is to return the space to its original condition, the way it was when you first moved in. We understand you will only have a short timeframe to make this transition to your new space and completely decommission the old one.

Time is of the utmost importance, and so is your budget. Costs can quickly add up, especially if you need to rush to complete various relocation tasks. We strive to keep those costs lower with our service, continually monitoring for ways to efficiently achieve what needs to be completed in the best way possible.

Choose Green Junk Removal Decommissioning Service for Your Business

Whether you have a business office, retail store, distribution center, manufacturing facility, warehouse, or another facility type to be decommissioned, we’ve got you covered.

With accurate and timely planning, family-owned and operated Green Junk Removal can help ease your business anxiety by providing cost-efficient, eco-friendly decommissioning services. A United States company, we proudly serve Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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