Commercial Junk Removal in Alpharetta

Honest, Professional and Fast Commercial Hauling Services

Office furniture, desks, and computers ready for commercial junk removal in Alpharetta, GA

Does your business serve the thriving suburban community of Alpharetta, GA? Then you can use our services at Green Junk Removal to get rid of your trash, give your business more space or make it more functional. We offer commercial junk removal in Alpharetta and can help when you’re moving to a new location, doing a renovation, or just getting rid of old equipment and furniture. Discover more about our commercial recycling services below.

Why Choose Green Junk Removal?

There are other junk removal services near Alpharetta, so why should you choose us? At Green Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on our dedication, customer service and sustainability. Here’s how our principles will help you:

  • Sustainability: We don’t want the junk that we haul off to end up in the landfill, and we bet that you don’t either. So, we make every effort to donate and then recycle the items that we can. We have our own storage location where we take your junk to sort it out and make sure as much as possible gets a second life. We recycle or donate over 70% of what we pick up from our customers.
  • Customer service: We’ve gone to great lengths to choose friendly, honest staff that we can enjoy working with and that will be dedicated to serving your needs. All of our staff wear a uniform, act respectfully and have the training they need to provide excellent service to our customers.
  • Dedication: Unlike other junk removal services, we have designed our business to serve commercial customers better. We can remove items that some junk services can’t, including warehouse equipment, electronics, industrial machines, computers, monitors, cubicles, lead, copper, aluminum, and much more.

Office Junk Cleanups and More

Cleaned out commercial warehouse in Milton, GeorgiaWe don’t just clean up office spaces. We can handle commercial junk removal in many spaces, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail locations
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping malls
  • Storage facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Storage trailers
  • And more

You can reach out for our services when you’ve collected some trash in your business property, when you’re cleaning out after a business liquidation when you’re finishing up a renovation, and in any other circumstance where you have junk.

Benefits of Commercial Recycling Services

Why not just have your staff clean out your space themselves? There are plenty of benefits to calling in the professionals. We make things convenient for you, and with our experience and equipment, we can do the job much faster. You don’t miss out on the benefits of handling the junk yourself, either. We send you recycling reports and tax-deductible donation receipts whenever possible.

The Alpharetta Community

Alpharetta is a lovely suburban community in northern Fulton County. Once a simple campground, the area is now home to dozens of major businesses, including McKesson, Hewlett-Packard and UPS. The community is also home to hundreds of mid-sized and small businesses. For our part, we’re proud to serve them all. No trash removal job is too large or too small for us at Green Junk Removal.

If you need commercial trash removal in Alpharetta, reach out to us today.