Green Junk Removal and Recycling provides restaurant equipment removal and recycling throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia to help you get rid of your unwanted restaurant equipment whether you are relocating, changing to new equipment, downsizing, or just closing the business. In these situations often times there will be surplus furniture and equipment that a company needs to dispose of. We can assist you with all your restaurant equipment liquidation needs and can remove anything and everything you need gone from your workspace from equipment to e-Waste to general trash and debris. We will provide a “Certificate of Insurance” to you and the building Property Management in advance to ensure for smooth operation on the day of your pick up. Our uniformed and professional crew will provide a positive image and experience for you and your clients.

Whenever possible we try to donate your equipment and provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt. Since we have partnered with many local charities and thrift stores, there is a fairly good chance that your equipment will receive a second life. If your equipment is in poor shape and cannot be donated, we will recycle whenever possible and consider taking it to a landfill as our very last option.


Atlanta Restaurant Equipment Pick Up

Disposing and recycling unused restaurant apparatus will introduce you to a new world of frustration you may not be ready to go through. Large, old pieces of kitchen equipment are unique trash and cannot just get picked up and thrown out like the trash. The size, bulk, and internal components of this equipment require the assistance of professionals to tackle. This juncture is where Green Junk comes into the picture. We are the best commercial junk removal and recycling provider in the Greater Atlanta area to call if you need to take out your old restaurant equipment seamlessly.

Now there are a few helpful and straightforward steps on how you can get to us and start the process:


Contact Us

The first step is the most obvious one, in the event that you need your kitchen equipment removed, call us, your preferred provider in the Greater Atlanta area. At Green Junk Removal, you can ask us for a quote for the disposal and/or recycling of any of your old restaurant items. We recommend keeping a list of the items that you want to discard so we can give you an accurate quote.


Prep Your Location

After signing off on your job, get ready for the day of the removal. At this juncture, a date for the job should already be stipulated (if you call late in the day as we usually respond within 24 hours). While you wait for the job date and our professional team to get to you, you can help us by removing any unnecessary clutter in and around your kitchen equipment.


Our Impeccable Service Delivery for Atlanta-Area Restaurateurs


Our team members are properly trained and efficient. With the Green Junk team, you will get expert restaurant equipment removal, as we ensure that no one gets injured during the process and your restaurant is void of any damage after the job is complete. Additionally, our staff endeavors to work with the utmost efficiency and consideration of your business day as your work and experience for your customers is not interrupted while we carry out our service.


We Have All The Necessary Tools Needed To Carry out Our Services

In addition to our technically and intellectually equipped team, we have all the necessary tools needed to perform our duties. Although some kitchen appliances do not require special steps, others may need some special tools for detachment and disposal.


We Are Incredibly Affordable

Our service is one of the most budget-friendly in the Greater Atlanta area. Our goal is to exceed your job requirements and to make you a happy customer.


We Will Properly Dispose Of Your Equipment

One of the many benefits of our service is that our clients can be confident that your outdated kitchen equipment will get appropriately disposed of after the job and according to local laws. In the case that you need to recycle your outdated restaurant items, we are your go-to provider, as we are one of the best junk removal companies in Atlanta.


Extraction Of Your Old Restaurant Equipment Is Easy And Convenient With Our Team

We take away the stress from this process! All you need to do is watch us work rather than put stress on your body or mind during the process. Once you hire us, you are home free, and we will be done in no time, which is one of the main benefits of hiring a junk removal company in the first place.


We Are Unfazed, Regardless Of The Size Of the Job

Regardless of your needs, our team is up to the challenge. We are fully equipped and prepared to dispose of kitchen equipment of any magnitude; there are times where we have extracted as little as just one desk during one of our office furniture removal runs.


We Are Highly Revered By Our Past & Present Clients

For evidence on our impeccable service and delivery, you can check out Yelp and Angie’s List to see some reviews from our past and present clients.


We Make it Easy to Keep Your Restaurant Organized

One advantage of working with us is that we leave your restaurant organized after our job is complete. This commitment from our company helps you maintain proper organization in your restaurant. Maintenance and organization are imperative for efficiently delivering top-class dining experiences to your customers consistently.


Our Other Commercial Sevices

We are not just a restaurant equipment removal company. We also venture into other forms of commercial equipment removal, such as:


What sets us apart?

    • We are fully licensed , bonded, and insured.
    • We donate, recycle, or reuse approximately 75% of what we pick up.
    • Low upfront pricing, No hidden charges or surprises!
    • We provide on time, thorough, and exceptional service.
    • 100% customer satisfaction which means you will be completely satisfied BEFORE we leave your premesis.
    • Our uniformed crew do all the work, including the lifting, loading, and a general clean-up. Our professional staff are thoroughly background checked, highly trained and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
    • Our clean and shiny 20 Cubic Yard trucks are the largest of their kind in the industry.
    • Tax deductible donation receipts and recycling reports will be provided whenever applicable.


Ease Your Mind and Work with Our Team

We are an excellent choice for you in the Greater Atlanta area for your restaurant equipment removal needs.

If you are interested in learning more, please call us at (404)-664-8933 to get a quote or contact us here.